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Coronavirus Update May 2021.

1. Making contact with the service

The best way to contact a planning officer regarding an application or pre-application submission is to email them directly.

If you have a general query please email  or telephone 01453 766321 and select option 4 and then option 1.  Alternatively, the planning pages on the website will provide you with more generic planning advice and generic emails.  


2. Making a planning or other application

Please do not submit paper applications or letters if this can be avoided. If you do, there may well be a significant delay in our ability to process them.

We strongly advise you to submit planning and other applications electronically either via the planning portal or by email to


3. Commenting on planning applications

If you wish to make a comment on an application, these are best submitted via Public Access.


4. Payments

As the council offices remain closed to the public, we request that you make all planning related payments online

We are still taking payments via the telephone, contact us on 01453 766321 and select option 4 and then option 1, but please be aware that payment online is the quicker option.


5. Site notices for planning and other applications

Planning officers will display site notices on or near to the application site where Covid-19 guidance can be complied with. 


If this is not possible, site notices will be emailed to applicants/agents by the planning case officer and they will be asked to display them and send photographic evidence of this to the service to support their application.

Unfortunately, failure to display and photograph a site notice may lead to a delay in the determination of the application.


6. Site visits for applications and enforcement investigations

Planning officers will undertake internal and external site visits where Covid-19 guidance can be complied with.

      Prior to each planning application site visit, planning officers will:

  • Risk assess sites on a case by case basis and visits will only be made to those sites which officers are confident that social distancing can be complied with.
  • Only undertake visits with the explicit consent of the applicant/agent. When contact is made with the applicant/agent, officers will ascertain if anyone in the household of the site to be visited has symptoms of Covid 19 or is self-isolating or in a vulnerable or shielded group as this may affect our ability to undertake the site visit.
  • Organise a time and date for the visit with the applicant/agent.
  • Ask for a contact number so that Officers can inform the applicant/agent when they have arrived at and left the site.
  • Get prior agreement from the applicant/agent to take photos and/or videos of the site.
  • Ask the applicant/agent to open up the site prior to the visit to avoid the need to touch gates etc. unnecessarily.
  • Avoid contact with anyone on or surrounding the site - Officers will not engage in conversation regarding the progress of the application. If close human contact becomes unavoidable for any reason, the officer will abandon the site visit and re-arrange.

      Enforcement site visits

Please note that site visits related to possible alleged breaches of planning control will also continue. In many cases, these will not require prior contact with the land owner and/or developer, but strict safety and distancing precautions will still apply.


7. Internal site visits and external site meetings

As from Monday 10th May both internal and external site meetings can be arranged where Covid-19 guidance can be complied with. 


8. Meetings with officers

We will continue to undertake 'Virtual meetings' as an alternative to face to face meetings.

Pre-application virtual meetings can be requested by completing our Pre-application form.


9. Public Access and application notification

Please use the public access system to set up an application search area for your property. This is the best way to ensure that you are notified of a planning or other application in your area of choice. Guidance on this can be found here and on our webpages.

Reference has been made to the display of site notices at point 5 above, but we will continue to send letters to adjoining neighbours of application sites via Royal Mail. However, public access provides a full-proof mechanism to ensure you are notified of current and new applications in your area.




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