Covid 19 is now having an impact on the Development Management Service and our ability to consider and determine applications and carry out our other functions, such as pre-application enquiries, appeals and enforcement. However, we are doing our best to keep the service running in a limited form, and would draw attention to the following important information:


1. All Development Control Committees have been postponed until further notice.


2. Some planning staff are being redeployed to help with essential Council services, thus reducing the capacity of the service.

3. Making contact with the service

If you need to contact and officer or team, may we ask that you email us. Please do not telephone. If you have an application or pre-application enquiry with us, you will have the case officer's details. Alternatively, the planning pages on the website will provide you with more generic team emails.  

4. Making a planning or other application

Please do not submit paper applications or letters if this can be avoided. If you do, there may well be a significant delay in our ability to process them.


We strongly advise you to submit planning and other applications electronically either via the planning portal or by email.

Comments on planning applications are best submitted via Public Access, which is easily accessible via our website.


Payments - as the offices are now closed to the public, we request that you make payments online. Please see the link below and scroll down:


We encourage you to continue to submit planning and other applications and advise you do this electronically (see below).


PAYMENTS – we are still taking payments via the telephone but request that you make payments online. Please see the link below and scroll down:


5. Site notices for planning and other applications

We will be asking all applicants and/or agents to display site notices on the application site themselves. This is to avoid unnecessary interaction with officers and also to address a possible shortage of officers to carry out this task in the future. Site notices will be emailed to applicants/agents.


6. Site visits for applications and enforcement investigations

Officers are no longer making site visits for any planning function. This is likely to mean you will be asked to agree an extension of time for your application until such a time as we can safely make a site visit. When this situation changes, we will let you know.


We will still do our best to follow up enforcement investigations where this can be done without visiting the site.


7. Meetings in the office and on site

The offices are now closed and we will not be undertaking site meetings until further notice. This means that all pre-application submissions will be dealt with as a desk-based assessment.


If you are the agent or applicant for a planning application, please email the case officer.

If a telephone conversation can be organised we will do so, but please be aware that officers are being redeployed.


8. Public Access and application notification

Please use the public access system to set up an application search area for your property. This is the best way to ensure that you are notified of a planning or other application in your area of choice. We will continue to send letters to nearest neighbours, but this relies on Royal Mail. Public access provides a full-proof mechanism to ensure you are notified.




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