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New Tree Preservation Orders

New Tree Preservation Orders

If you are concerned about a tree in your area being removed you can request for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to be placed on a tree or group of trees, to do this please submit the request in writing.

Please include:

  • a map of the site,
  • a photograph of the tree and
  • justification as to why a TPO should to be placed on the tree.

Please note not all trees can have a TPO placed on them, the issues we would consider include:

  • The visibility of the tree and amenity value to the general public rather than views from private areas such as rear gardens.
  • The condition of the tree, if the tree is dying or diseased we are unlikely to confirm a TPO.
  • If the particular tree(s) have significant importance in terms of its size, form, rarity, screening value or contribution to the character or appearance of an area.
  • The foreseeable threat to the trees, e.g. development.

Please note that once a TPO has been put in place the responsibility for maintenance and care of protected trees remains with the owner. The owner has a right of appeal and can, by application, carry out work to the tree.

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