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What is Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a planning charge, introduced by the Government through the Planning Act 2008 to provide a fair and transparent means for ensuring that development contributes to the cost of the infrastructure it will rely upon, such as schools and roads.

The levy applies to most new buildings and conversions where new residential or supermarket warehouses floorspace is being created though there are various exemptions available.

CIL will provide additional funding for SDC to use on a range of infrastructure projects to support development, whilst the neighbourhood portion paid to Parish or Town Councils will benefit the local community.  It will provide SDC with the flexibility to set our own priorities for which infrastructure projects should be funded and provide predictable future funding.

Please note that CIL is subject to Indexation each year, more information is available within our 2018 CIL Indexation Guidance.

The CIL process

The CIL process for application, collection and payment is set out by government legislation Part 8 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations, as amended,  sets out the legal framework for calculating and collecting the levy and can be viewed here.


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