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Town and Parish Councils - Neighbourhood CIL

Town and Parish Councils are entitled to a percentage of the money collected from CIL in their area which is paid to them twice a year in April and October, this is referred to as the "Neighbourhood allocation". This money will be spent on local infrastructure.

Useful links


Getting Support: Community Projects and Services

Under Useful links above, you will see a downloadable advice sheet called ‘Eligibility Diagram and Sources of help’.  From the second page, you will see a list of additional places you can gain support for your Local Neighbourhood Projects. 

We could particularly draw your attention to the contacts listed for GRCC – the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council.  GRCC is an independent charity that works directly with parish and town councils and voluntary sector organisations to inspire, enable and deliver community action.  Members of their Community Development Team will be able to provide direct one-to-one support on a wide range of local projects and services.

Annual reports

Each Town and Parish Council must publish a report on CIL income and expenditure for the previous financial year by the 31st December annually.  This mirrors the legislative requirements that SDC must also adhere to as the Charging Authority.