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Paying CIL and Planning Contributions

Eligible developments that receive planning permission from 1st April 2017 will be charged in accordance with the rates set out in the CIL Charging Schedule, with indexation applied. The amount payable is calculated when planning permission is granted.

Calculating your CIL Charge

All approved drawings are measured to independently verify new liable floor area created. A Liability Notice is then issued as confirmation of this calculation and is registered as a Local Land Charge.

For further information on how the levy is calculated, please read the sections calculation guidance notes and Liable Development and Charging Schedule.

Payment of CIL

Form 6 (Commencement Notice), must be submitted at least 24 hours ahead of works commencing on site. This acts as a trigger to issue your Demand Notice. Your Demand Notice details your unique payment reference number, payment schedule and methods of payment available to you. No payment will be accepted ahead of this stage.

SAC (Special Area of Conservation) Mitigation Contribution Payments

Unilateral Undertakings or Section 111 Agreements, are drawn ahead of permission being granted. All new residential developments created in designated areas have a mitigation contribution.

Designated Areas:

  • Rodborough Common
  • Severn Estuary
  • Beechwoods

Please refer to Special Area of Conservation page for further information.

Payment of these mitigation obligations are agreed to be paid ahead of commencement of works on site. Payments are requested through a Demand Notice, issued once commencement has been confirmed. We ask that payment is not made ahead of receiving a Demand Notice.

Your Demand Notice details your unique payment reference number and methods of payment available to you. 

How can I make a payment?


Payment is accepted by BACS:

  • Account Name: Stroud District Council
  • Account number 10313893,
  • Sort Code 55-61-08

Important: Please quote your Payment Reference Number when paying. This can be found on your Demand Notice.


You can also pay over the telephone, please call 01453 754836 with your reference number. We will be unable to take payments without this.


Payments can now be made online.

Pay online

 If you have trouble making an online payment, please contact the CIL Officer