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CIL Forms

The introduction of the levy requires agents or applicants to submit additional information to the council throughout the process of application and development. In some cases the process is still required to be carried out even when exemption or relief has been applied.

Community Infrastructure Forms

Download and complete the relevant form below.

Completed forms can be submitted by post, email or in person to:

CIL Team
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill
Westward Road


Guidance on completing the forms can be viewed at:

You can also read our guidance sheet on the process for CIL application and collection.

Forms filled out on Planning Portal have an auto fill function which can calculate figures incorrectly.  Always check your form is correct before submitting.

When you submit your planning application, you should submit a CIL additional questions form, sometimes referred to as Form 0. This form provides SDC with the floor areas of your development, and also any demolition or existing use which could be credited against the new build floor area.

This form is used to assume liability for the payment of CIL. It also needs to be completed to claim for relief or exemption.

This form is used to claim exemption or relief for social / affordable housing, exceptional circumstances or developments by registered charities for charitable use.

This form is to be used if you have assumed liability to pay CIL but will no longer be the party making the payment.

This form is used to transfer the responsibility for paying CIL between parties. It should be used if the person who assumed liability using Form 1 will no longer be paying CIL, but has already agreed with another party that they will be paying.

This form should be sent to SDC to give notice of work which may be liable for CIL being carried out under General Consent / Permitted Development Rights. This notice should be submitted to the council before work commences.

This form is used to give notice that a development with a CIL liability is starting on site. This needs to be submitted even if an exemption from CIL is granted.

This form is used to make a claim for self build exemption when a new dwelling is being constructed. This should be used when the dwelling is going to be your primary residence on completion for at least three years. 

This form should be used for schemes where self build exemption has been granted for dwelling. You should submit it to us within six months of completion, accompanied by the supporting evidence set out in the form.

This form should be used to claim for self build exemption when the work being carried out is the creation of a residential annex, to be used as ancillary accommodation to the main dwelling.

This form should be used to claim for self build exemption when the work being carried out is a domestic extension which has a gross internal floor area of 100 square metres or more.

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