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Make a planning application

Planning fees increase
Please note that planning fees have increased by 20% as of 17th January 2018. All applications received from 17th January 2018 will incur the increased fee.

- Planning fees

Before submitting a planning application we would advise engaging in pre-application discussions.

Application requirements

Please ensure all drawings are to a recognised metric scale (e.g. 1:100) and that the paper size is written on the plans (e.g. A3). It would also be useful to show a scale bar on the drawings.

Location  and site plans

Buy Ordnance Survey plans online through the planning portal.

Apply online

Apply online

The simplest way to submit a planning application is online via the planning portal. If you apply via planning portal you can also pay there electronically.

Please note if the application/notification is unusual, including most of the prior approvals these cannot be applied for via planning portal. These will need to be downloaded using the option below.

Apply by post

Please download the appropriate planning applications form and accompanying guidance note.

Download forms

Please note Stroud District Council only requires one copy of the form and supporting documents per application type (i.e. for a listed building and planning application joint application two copies are required) 

You can submit an application by post, email or in person to:

Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill



It is now possible to pay for planning applications online.

Alternatively please send a cheque made payable to Stroud District Council, call 01453 754871 to arrange payment by debit card or pay in person at the council offices.

Footpath Diversions

Some developments may require the diversion or closure of a footpath or bridleway to enable the development to be built.

Permanent  diversions or closures of a path to enable development should be applied for via Stroud District Council under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Guidance notes and forms.

It is advised you begin this process as soon as possible as the process of applying for a closure or diversion under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 can be lengthy and is not always successful. Please note the cost of such applications must be paid for by the applicant and is separate to the planning application for the associated development.’

If during development the path is to be obstructed temporarily (under 6 months) a temporary diversion/closure order should be applied for via Gloucestershire County Council.

Please note any diversions/closures that are not related to development should also be applied for via Gloucestershire County Council.


If, as part of your application, it is necessary to engage an ecologist, it is advisable to employ someone who is part of a recognised professional body. The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management has a Professional Directory available here

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