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Important Information About Your Pest Control Treatment

Pest control often involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful to people, pets and wildlife and strict procedures must be followed. Our Pest Control Officers are skilled technicians who will choose the safest and most effective treatment options but customers also have an important part to play.

Some pest control treatments need you to remove pets, furniture, equipment etc from the areas being treated and to keep away from those areas for a few hours. It is very important that you read the information below before the pest control officer visits. If you have not prepared the area adequately beforehand, in some cases it may not be safe to carry out the treatment and you may still incur a call out fee.

Please click on the link below which describes the treatment you have booked.

Rodents (Rats or Mice)

Wasps' Nest



Cluster Flies

Other insects

If you would like further advice or information please contact the Environmental Health Service on or look on the Council’s website 

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