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Your new waste and recycling collection service

During 2016 Stroud District Council will be making some important changes to waste and recycling collections. Please note, we are no longer supplying black bags You are now required to use either the grey wheelie bins or beige bags for the storage and collection of general rubbish.

What's happening?

As well as the items that you currently recycle, you will be able to recycle all your food waste in new food waste bins.

Wheelie-bins will also be provided to replace black bags for your rubbish, which will be collected fortnightly, instead of weekly.

If you haven't received your containers by 20 October 2016 please email us at or call 01453 754424.

When it's happening


Optional garden waste collections introduced. The cost is £36 per year plus an initial £20 charge to purchase the wheelie-bin. The service run from February to November each year. February 2016
Ubico (new contractor) takes over from Veolia (current contractor) July 2016
Commencement of new container distribution August-October 2016
New recycling and refuse collection calendars mailed to all properties. Please check carefully in case your collection day has changed. October 2016

Weekly food waste collections to be introduced. Sealed food bins and kitchen food waste caddies will be provided. Fortnightly collections of landfill waste will start.

November 2016

Your new waste service

So, from November 2016 here’s how your new household waste and recycling collection service will look:

Collected every week

  • Food waste - in a dedicated, sealed bin

Collected every two weeks

  • Green wheelie-bin/green bag – as present for food tins and drink cans and cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and packaging, aerosols and foil.
  • Recycling box – no changes - paper, cardboard and cartons
  • Left over non-recyclable waste in wheelie-bins (or bags where bins are impractical)

Check your collection day

This page was last updated: 24 November 2016

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