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Waste and recycling collections - Christmas and New Year

There will be no changes to waste collection dates over
Christmas and New Year. Please present your containers by 6am on your normal scheduled collection day.

Waste collections over Christmas

There will be NO changes to your collections over the Christmas and New Year period. Please put your bin out before 6.00am on your collection day as normal.

What can go into my green recycling box?

Some types of wrapper paper from presents and Christmas cards can be placed in your green recycling box.  We cannot recycle any foil/synthetic or glitter wrapping paper or cards. See the diagram below to check if your wrapping paper is recyclable.

Recycling teams are unable to take bin bags/carrier bags filled with wrapping paper.  Please ensure recyclable wrapping paper is contained within your recycling box.  Any non-recyclable wrapping paper should be presented in your grey general rubbish bin/beige sacks.

Christmas recycling

Recycling at Christmas

Please remember to recycle as much as you can over Christmas. The extra glass, cans, plastic bottles and plastic containers can go into your recycling wheelie bin or bag. Cardboard packaging from your presents can go in your recycling box.

Don't forget to flatten and fold large pieces of cardboard to the approximate size of your recycling box and place underneath.

Food waste

For tips on how you can reduce food waste this Christmas visit

Reduce your plastic footprint this Christmas

Keep your plastic footprint small this Christmas by buying, wrapping, decorating and giving plastic free.  For more tips visit:

Household Recycling Centre opening times

All visits to Household Recycling Centres must be pre-booked. For the latest information view

Bad weather? 

If your waste or recycling is not collected due to snow or icy conditions, please leave it at the kerbside for two days (including Saturday but not Sunday)

If we do not return within this period, please take it back in and wait until your next scheduled collection.


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