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Types of plastic and how to recycle them


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  Raspberry Milk cartons Blister packs Crisps Margarine tubs Yoghurt Plastic bags
Where you'll find it Soft drinks bottles, food packaging such as punnets Milk cartons, cleaning products, yoghurt pots, soap dispensers Blister packs, meat trays, pipe fittings, window fittings Food bags, shopping bags, magazine wrapping Margarine tubs, microwave meal trays, soup pots Rigid items: Some yoghurt pots, meat trays, aspirin bottles Foam items: packaging This includes other forms of plastic including composites, such as salad bags and crisp packets
How to dispose of it At Kerbside Recycling At kerbside recycling Not yet recyclable, with general waste  At collection points in some supermarkets** At kerbside recycling Rigid items: at kerbside recycling Foam items: with general waste  Not yet recyclable, with general waste 
Next life Most often used to make more PET products Garden furniture, pipes and more milk cartons Most often used to make PVC products Bin liners, plastic furniture and floor tiles Clothing fibres, food containers, speed humps Insulation, foam packaging More crisp packets


** Although these items cannot be recycled at the kerbside, visit recycle now to explore further options