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Council tax band appeals

If you disagree with the band that has been applied to your property you may make an appeal to the Valuation Office. Please see how to do this below.

Who decides on my council tax banding?

Property bandings are determined by the Valuation Office Agency (a department of H.M. Revenue and Customs). The council cannot reduce the banding for your property.

Valuation bands are based on property values on 1 April 1991, not what a property is worth today. You should contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to begin the process of an appeal.  Their contact telephone number is 03000 501 501 or you can also appeal in writing to: 

Valuation Office Agency
Durham Customer Service Centre
Wycliffe House
Green Lane

Contact telephone number:  03000 501 501


How can I challenge my council tax banding?

You can challenge a council tax band by:

  • Asking the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to review the band- e.g. if you think your home was valued incorrectly

  • Asking for a formal challenge to the VOA - you can only do this in certain circumstances (e.g. if your property has changed significantly since it was valued)

If you choose to make an appeal, you must still pay your council tax, at the current rate, while your appeal is in progress.

For further information about how to make an appeal go to

What happens if my appeal is successful?

If your appeal is successful, we will send you a revised bill and refund any council tax that you have overpaid.

Before you make an appeal, you should be aware that your banding could increase or decrease as a result of the appeal.

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