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Stroud District Council's Street Trading Resolution and Policy

Stroud District Council's Resolution Adopted 2020

The Resolution designates the 'streets' in Stroud District where street trading is prohibited unless the trader holds street trading consent issued by Stroud District Council.  In the legislation 'streets' is a broad term and includes streets, pavements, laybys and any land, including private land, that the public have access to without payment.

Stroud District Council’s Resolution 2020 designates all 'streets' as consent streets except 'streets' owned and managed by public authorities and registered charities, with the exception of public highways.

Stroud District Council's Policy Adopted 2023

Stroud District Council’s Street Trading Policy outlines the Council’s approach to the licensing of street trading in Stroud district. It is used when making decisions about whether to grant or refuse street trading consents and provides guidance to new applicants and existing consent holders.

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