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Street Trading

If you trade in the street you may require a street trading licence. Applications should be made in writing (including by electronic means) to your local district council, or the district council for the area you wish to trade.


You must be over 17 years of age to hold a licence.

Licences will be refused if any of the following grounds exist:

  • there isn't enough space in the street you wish to trade in, without causing interference or inconvenience to street users
  • you wish to trade for less days than any minimum required trading days
  • you are unsuitable to hold a licence do to any previous convictions or for other reasons
  • you have previously failed to pay fees due under another street trading licence or have failed to use a previous street trading licence


Application evaluation process

Under certain circumstances if certain grounds for refusal exist the council may still award a licence but for fewer days than require, or to allow trade in certain items.

The council will either grant the application or serve a notice on you within a reasonable time.

The notice will be served if the council intend to refuse the application, grant it on different terms than those applied for, confine trading to a particular place in a street, vary conditions of a licence or revoke a licence.

The notice will detail the grounds for their decision and state that within seven days of the notice you can request in writing the opportunity to make representations.


Itinerant traders

Itinerant consents are issued to traders who wish to move from place to place. In order to qualify for an itinerant consent, traders must not remain in one place for more than 30 minutes at a time and not return to the same site within 2 hours.

  • Fees per quarter or part quarter:  £141.00
  • Fees per annum: - £516.00

Static street traders

Band 1: Sites considered to be prime sites and will normally include sites which are within or adjacent to established shopping areas

  • Fees per quarter or part quarter: £516.00
  • Fees per annum:  £1715.00

Band 2: Are all other sites within the district

  • Fees per quarter or part quarter: £314.00
  • Fees per annum: £1033.00

Short Term Consent: Granted for a period of up to 7 days

  • First Day £31
  • Each day thereafter £5


Before applying for a Street Trading Consent you may wish to look through our list of locations that have previously been refused.

Apply for a Street Trading Consent

On receipt of your application the Council will consult a number of concerned agencies and persons, a period of 28 days is allowed for comments to be received.

Transfer a Street Trading Consent

If you wish to Transfer your Street Trading Consent please inform the Licensing Section as soon as possible.

Pending applications




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