Street Trading

Applications for street trading consent should be made to the district council for the area you wish to trade.


In Stroud District you will need to apply for street trading consent if you intend to trade on the following:

  • Any public highway including laybys, streets, verges and pavements
  • Any private land that the public can access without payment, this includes supermarket carparks.

In Stroud District you will not need street trading consent if intend to trade on the following:

  • Any  land owned and managed by County Council (except Highways), Stroud District Council or Town and Parish Councils. You will need the permission of the relevant Council.
  • Any  land owned and managed by a registered charity. You will need the permission of the charity.


A suitable pitch must meet the following criteria:


  • Be safe for other street users including traffic and pedestrians. Access roads on industrial estates, where heavy lorries manoeuvre, are generally unsuitable places for static units.
  • Be safe for customers using the street trading unit. Lay-bys on main roads must have good visibility to ensure the safety for traffic entering and leaving the trading site/lay-by. There should be suitable parking spaces for customer and trading vehicles.
  • Not cause any potential for obstruction, interference, inconvenience or nuisance to other street users including other traders, traffic and pedestrians.  Units in town centres must not impede the movement of pedestrians or delivery vehicles or block the frontage of shops or access to existing premises. Units should not cause loss of parking spaces to residents or businesses.
  • Not cause any potential for nuisance to residents and other businesses for example noise and/or smell. Locations close to residential properties are unlikely to be suitable due to the potential noise and smell nuisance to residents.
  • The goods being sold complement and do not conflict with the goods sold by other established retailers within vicinity.


Before applying for a Street Trading Consent you may wish to look through our list of locations that have previously been refused.



You must be over 17 years of age to hold a street trading consent.

Consents will be refused if any of the following grounds exist:

  • you are unsuitable to hold a licence due to any previous convictions or for other reasons
  • you have previously failed to pay fees due for a street trading consent or have failed to use a previous street trading consent



Stroud District Council's  Resolution and Policy Adopted 2020

The Resolution designates the 'streets' in Stroud District where street trading is prohibited unless the trader holds street trading consent issued by Stroud District Council.  In the legislation 'streets' is a broad term and includes streets, pavements, laybys and any land, including private land, that the public have access to without payment.

Stroud District Council’s Resolution 2020 designates all 'streets' as consent streets except 'streets' owned and managed by public authorities and registered charities, with the exception of public highways.


Stroud District Council’s Street Trading Policy outlines the Council’s approach to the licensing of street trading in Stroud district. It is used when making decisions about whether to grant or refuse street trading consents and provides guidance to new applicants and existing consent holders.





Apply for a Street Trading Consent

New Application and Notice of Intention

On receipt of your application and payment of the consultation fee, the Council will consult with relevant authorities and agencies as well as with neighbouring residents and businesses. A period of 28 days is normally allowed for comments to be received before a decision can be made.

Pending applications


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