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Housing benefit

Housing benefit helps pensioners and those who live in supported (specified) accommodation and who need to make a new claim for help with their rent. It is not available for mortgage repayments.

The following affect if you can get help:

  • Your income which includes your earnings, other benefits, and tax credits
  • Your savings. If you have over £16,000 you cannot receive housing benefit
  • The income of anyone else who lives with you such as grown up children or parents
  • If you are on Universal Credit you cannot receive housing benefit.  Help with your rent will be paid through housing costs as part of Universal Credit
  • If only one of a couple is a pensioner you cannot receive housing benefit and must claim Universal Credit for help with rent

The Council runs the scheme but the Government sets the rules. How much you get depends on:

  • whether you have a partner
  • your income from working, and from things like benefits and pensions.
  • any savings or investments you have
  • the circumstances of other people living with you (their age and income for example)
  • the number of bedrooms you need
  • how much of your rent counts for benefit
  • 'Local housing allowance' rules if you rent from a private landlord

Universal Credit

If you need to make a new application for help with your rent,  you will need to claim Universal Credit unless you fall into 1 of the 2 categories below.

You will need to claim Universal Credit if you:

  1. Are NOT of pension age (both members of a couple must be receiving or eligible for their state pension), or
  2. Are NOT living in supported accommodation.

You can check your eligibility to claim at     

Please be aware that you will still need to apply for help with your Council Tax payments through Stroud District Council.

How to apply for housing benefit

If you live in the Stroud District AND you fit the criteria above you may qualify for housing benefit. 

  1. Complete a request form 

We will then contact you by email.

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