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Stroud District Council takes a zero tolerance approach to fly posting.

The Neighbourhood Warden Service regularly patrols the district removing any unauthorised fly posters.

Authorisation can be obtained through Gloucestershire County Council, whereby stickers are placed on the rear of the poster indicating authorisation.

The gluing, pasting or taping of any posters is strictly forbidden, as is the placement of posters around junctions, roundabouts and traffic lights. This measure was introduced to minimise distraction at these locations following advice taken form the Road Safety partnership.

Stroud District Council aims to remove unauthorised fly posters within 48 hours where possible.

Those wishing to report fly posting, please contact your local neighbourhood warden to let them know.

  • The exact location
  • Whether the sign or poster is on a private building or on street furniture
  • A description of the sign or poster
  • Do you know who put the sign or poster up?