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Stroud Valleys Natural Flood Management Project

The Stroud Valleys Natural Flood Management project is being implemented to reduce the risk of flooding in the Frome Valley.

The Stroud Valleys Natural Flood Management project is an innovative project working to reduce flood risk, improve water quality and recover nature throughout the catchment of the River Frome and all its tributaries, including the Slad Brook, Painswick Stream, Nailsworth Stream, Ruscombe Brook and all their named and unnamed tributaries. We are working with landowners, community flood groups and partner organisations to implement a whole catchment approach to slowing flows and restoring more natural drainage. We implement a wide range of measures dispersed around the headwaters that will cumulatively act to slow flows and reduce flood risk. 

The project, which has been running since 2014, aspires

'To create a river catchment where water management is fully integrated into land management practices. Where public bodies, private companies and local communities work together to manage water within the landscape, creating valuable habitat for wildlife and people, and limiting flood risk downstream.'

For more information, contact Chris Uttley, the Stroud Valleys Natural Flood Management Officer. Email:

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