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Our annual council update is coming to your doorstep this week

Every household in the district will receive our free annual newsletter packed with updates and information which benefit every resident.

SDC News is a newsletter created by Stroud District Council, published annually to provide information about council services to keep the public informed on current initiatives and projects.

Delivered to more than 54,000 homes and also available as a digital version, it explains how the new Council Plan’s three main priorities are driving improvements across the district.

This year the edition includes more information on our investment in renewable heating at three of our key public buildings, key dates about the forthcoming local elections, a money saving voucher for The Pulse leisure centre in Dursley and lots more.

Stroud District Council’s priority is to make Stroud a better place to live, work and visit through its Council Plan, through the three main priorities of  Environment and Climate Change, Community Resilience and Wellbeing, and Economy, Recovery and Regeneration.

SDC News costs approximately 28p per copy to produce and distribute - the same as last year - and is printed on carbon balanced paper by a local business.

Stroud District Council Chief Executive Kathy O’Leary said: “Reaching all of our residents by newsletter is an important part of our communication from Stroud District Council, and especially for those who don’t have access to our social media channels or our website. SDC News sets out all of the work we’re currently doing, and what’s coming up. This year SDC News contains important news, including new requirements for voting in elections, and highlights some exciting activities on offer, many of them free or discounted.”

This issue will be published and sent out to all residents of Stroud district from Monday, March 4.

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