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Our values and behaviours

We care about our people and will create an environment that empowers and supports them to have the right work life balance, to enhance and improve their lives.

In return our team is engaged, innovative and are continuously improving both our council and the services we provide for our communities. 

Valuing our people

We care about our colleagues and the people and businesses that make up our communities:

  • We listen to individuals and our communities, and seek to understand other's positions or point of view
  • We are friendly and inclusive. We value diversity and difference in achieving the best outcomes for our district
  • We provide support for our colleagues and our communities, and prioritise safety and wellbeing
  • We challenge when we see things that don’t align with our values and behaviours as a council
  • We behave with respect for others in our words and actions

Aiming High

We are ambitious and we always strive to get better and do better for our communities:

  • We set and maintain high standards of behaviour and professional practice
  • We have the courage to try new things, develop and stretch ourselves
  • We accept that mistakes can happen. We look for ways to put things right and always learn from them
  • We build on the ideas of others, and can challenge and disagree, always with positive intent for the best outcome
  • We are proactive, and always aim to get things right first time

Making a difference

We put the people in our community at the heart of everything we do:

  • We are passionate about what we do, making sure we share and celebrate successes
  • We are willing to take the lead when it’s helpful to do so, irrespective of our position
  • We take the time to explain and understand 'why', not just 'what'
  • We recognise how our work makes a positive impact on our communities
  • We are proud of the environmental and sustainable projects and solutions that benefit our people and our place

Being one Council

We are at our best when we work together:

  • We make sure everything we do contributes to the success of Stroud district
  • We trust one another to do a great job for the collective good of the council
  • We actively look across organisational boundaries, collaborate and join up the work we do
  • We develop our understanding of the wider council, to better understand what we do and where we all fit
  • We draw on all sources of information including community engagement, member insight and professional expertise