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Heating and hot water problems

During periods of very cold weather your heating and hot water may fail.

Before you email us, you may be able to fix this quickly and easily with advice from the Heating and Hotwater Council:

  1. Locate your condensate pipe
    This is a (usually white) plastic pipe that runs along an outside wall, the other side of where your boiler is sited. If it's very cold or snowing it's possible that there is a blockage of frozen water in the pipe.
  2. Unfreeze the blockage
    Either by placing a hot water bottle or microwave heat pack on the condensate pipe, or pouring very hot (not boiling) water over it. Be aware that if you are pouring water onto the pipe this can freeze on the ground causing a slip hazard.
  3. Reset your boiler
    If you are unable to carry out the above then please email us at 
    If you try this and still have no heating or hot water, please email us using the email address above.