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Air Source Heat Pumps

The most common type of air source heat pumps found in our housing stock are Mitsubishi or Dimplex. 

Air source heat pump systems generally consist of three main components: a heat pump, cylinder and control box.  If your property has solar panels, the sun's energy will be used to heat your water, rather than the heat pump.

Your heat pump (see examples below) uses electricity to heat your radiators and hot water.  It is located on an outside wall.

It’s important to keep the area around the heat pump clear of leaves or other items such as bushes. Otherwise, it will not operate correctly and may stop working altogether.

The cylinder (containing your hot water) and control box next to it, are usually located in an airing cupboard.  Please do not touch the control box settings as any alterations may cause problems/stop your heating system working.

If you have any problems with your renewable heating system, or if an error code appears on the controller, please contact us to arrange for an engineer to visit.

Use the thermostat to control your heating.  User guides for the most common thermostats we have installed can be found here.