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Our performance

At Stroud District Council we monitor how we perform in all key service areas, against the objectives set in our Council Plan.

Key housing performance information and tenant feedback is monitored and reviewed on a quarterly basis by Housing Committee Performance Monitors. We compare ourselves with other similar housing providers, to ensure that we are providing our customers with a high quality service.
We believe transparency and openness about our performance is extremely important. 

  • Our quarterly Housing Committee performance reports are published within Housing Committee meeting papers
  • We collect tenant satisfaction survey information every year. We will annually publish the results of the survey, alongside some of our key performance information, on this webpage. These are the ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ that are collected annually by the Regulator of Social Housing.
  • Every year we produce an annual report for our tenants. The report publishes information on our performance and actions we are taking to improve performance, how we spent our income (Rent) and how we have taken tenants views into account to improve services.

Tenant satisfaction reports

Annual Reports

Other reports