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Get involved!

There are lots of ways for you to get involved and have real influence on the types of services we provide and the role we play in your community.  Your views matter to us and there are a number of ways in which you can have your say or get involved.

We are currently reviewing the opportunities that we offer to tenants, to ensure they are as inclusive and effective as possible. A revised Tenant Communication and Engagement Strategy will be produced in 2024, setting out our direction of travel for tenant involvement. 

Tenants Voice
Mike Richter and Becky Adams are currently the Tenants' Voice, representing 7,000 Stroud District Council tenants at Housing Committee meetings. Following a recruitment drive in which involved tenants fully participated, representatives Mike and Becky were co-opted to the council's housing committee in October 2021. As the Tenants’ Voice Becky and Mike can help to make a difference to our landlord services by debating current and new strategic plans with councillors. This in turn helps to determine councillors’ decisions on ways to improve repairs and other housing services. Stroud District Council is one of the few councils in the country where tenants are involved in helping to shape the future of social housing at such a high level.

As part of their role, Mike and Becky take part in tenant events and gather tenants' comments about Housing Services so that they can share tenants’ experiences and views during discussions about a variety of housing issues.

They also ‘pick up’ individual tenants’ comments and messages about housing services left on the Tenants’ Voice mobile phone 07970952214. Alternatively, tenants can write to Mike and Becky via email

Please be aware that Mike and Becky’s role does not involve the take up of individual tenant’s complaints. Complaints can be raised through the council’s complaints procedures.

Tenant Scrutiny group
We support tenants to take an in-depth independent look at the services we provide and hold us to account, as part of the tenant scrutiny co-regulation process.  Call 01453 754113 for more information.

The tenant scrutiny group undertook a review of voids management. The group prepared a report of their findings.

Community Hubs
We follow a community asset-based approach to resident engagement within our neighbourhoods. This approach includes holding estate walkabouts and attending regular drop-in events at community spaces throughout the district. Key community hubs are:

All Pulling Together – Stonehouse
1 Park Parade, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 2DB
T. 01453 822705

GL11 Project - Cam & Dursley
Fairmead, Cam GL11 5JS
T. 01453 548 530

Middle of the Hill Community Group (MHCG)
Nouncells Cross, Stroud GL5 1LU
T. 07707 126 628

Paganhill Community Group CIC
The Octagon, Farmhill Lane, Stroud GL5 4BX

Love where you live events
We run a series of ‘love where you live events’ within neighbourhoods and estates across the District. Love where you live events are a fun, informal, family friendly day where you can meet our staff and have your say to help us improve our services and make the right decisions for you. 

Café conversations
We hold 4 ‘café conversations’ events each year to involve tenants on specific topics within the housing service. At these events, tenants are invited to work with us to discuss a pre-set theme or question. We are currently finalising the calendar and topics for these events for the year ahead.

Social Housing Quality Residents Panel
We are delighted to announce that Ian Allan, an SDC tenant has been accepted onto the Social Housing Quality Residents Panel which was officially launched in December 2022.

The panel, which comprises 250 social housing residents from across the country, advises on developing upcoming Housing legislation.  Their aim is to drive up the quality of social housing by sharing their experiences with ministers.  In this way, resident voices inform policy change and shape the government’s plans in the reform of social housing.