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I want to apply for a transfer or swap my home

If you are an existing social tenant in Gloucestershire and you would like to move home, you can;

The Homeswapper service is a user-friendly and free way of finding a home to exchange not just locally but throughout the United Kingdom. Stroud District Council tenants do not pay for this service as we are members of the scheme. For more information on mutual exchanges, please visit our ‘Exchanging your home’ page.

If you find a home transfer, mutual exchange or swap you will still need our agreement. You will also need to pay for the Landlord safety checks and any costs involved in your move.

What if my new landlord is not Stroud District Council?

If you want to exchange your tenancy for a property owned by another Local Authority, or by a Housing Association, we will only allow you to exchange if:

  • you and the other tenant apply to your Landlords;
  • the Landlords exchange reports on their tenants conduct;
  • both Landlords agree to the exchange

You must accept the exchanged property in the condition you find it

As the choice to move is that of the two parties exchanging homes, then a condition of us agreeing to the exchange is that you, or the incoming tenant, will accept the property in its condition at the time of the exchange.

We will not pay any costs involved in moving and redecorating.