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Stonehouse Bristol Road Railway Station

Stroud District Council, in partnership with Stonehouse Town Council, is promoting a new railway station at Stonehouse on the Bristol-Birmingham main line.

The Stonehouse-Stroud area is the largest urban area on the NE/SW railway main line, between Sheffield and Plymouth, without a direct rail link, as well as England’s largest area by population without a direct rail link to its regional capital (Bristol).

A new railway station would have multiple benefits:

  • Contribute to reducing our carbon emissions from transport
  • Support local employment opportunities by giving employees better access to a wider choice of work opportunities and employers a wider pool of potential employees
  • Reduce car dependency resulting in less pollution and congestion on local roads
  • Reduce car “rat running” on country lanes and parking pressures at Cam and Dursley station
  • Increase opportunities for local people to access jobs, education, leisure and retail opportunities within the wider area

The councils received funding from the Department for Transport in October 2021 to produce a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) for a new station at the former Bristol Road station site, Stonehouse.

Working with local stakeholders, a range of options were considered and the SOBC was finalised in September 2022. The SOBC concludes that there is a strong strategic and economic case for a new railway station at Stonehouse served by one or two trains per hour.

The councils are now awaiting an announcement from Government on whether the project can proceed to the next more detailed Outline Business Case stage.