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Pre-Submission Representations

September 2021 Stroud District Local Plan: Regulation 19 Representations

The Council approved the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan at Council on 29 April 2021.

Before the Council can submit the Draft Local Plan to Government (The Planning Inspectorate) for examination, the Council must carry out public consultation. Unlike previous stages of consultation, the Regulation 19 stage questions are set by the Planning Inspectorate and require respondents to refer to specific parts of the Plan, and to state if they support or object and to refer to the statutory tests of Legal Compliance, Soundness or Duty to Cooperate.

The Regulation 19 consultation was held between Wednesday 27th May and Wednesday 21st July 2021 in accordance with the then Government Regulations on Covid19. Respondents had a number of ways to comment which included; an online survey, a downloadable response form, via email or by post. The Council also set up a dedicated telephone hotline for anyone needing assistance to fill out the form, providing the offer of tailored help available to ensure everyone who wanted to respond was able to do so.

The representations can now be viewed below and in line with the Planning Inspectorate requirements the respondents name has been published along with their comments. The representations are available to view by method of submission:

All representations that were submitted using the online survey are available in a .csv database (opened in Microsoft Excel) with any uploaded attachments available to view as a PDF.


PDF attachments

 All representations received on the response form, by email or letter are available to view as a PDF.

Email and letter submissions

If you have asked to be kept up to date with the Local Plan progress the independent Programme Officer will keep you informed in due course.