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Infrastructure and Viability Evidence

Infrastructure studies

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) identifies the transport, utilities, community and green infrastructure and services that will be required to support the levels of housing and employment growth set out in the Local Plan.

Position statements have been developed for the Local Plan strategic allocations currently without planning permission to identify the expected infrastructure requirements, likely costs and timing of delivery.

Hunts Grove Extension and Quedgeley East Position Statement

North East Cam Position Statement

Sharpness Docks Position Statement

Stroud Valleys Position Statement

Infrastructure Funding Gap Analysis

Infrastructure Funding Gap Analysis Update

Viability studies

Local plans should be deliverable and the scale of planning obligations and policy requirements contained within local plans should not threaten the viability of development.

In 2013, the Council commissioned consultants to provide an assessment of the impact on viability of the policies in the Local Plan, and to ensure that the combined impact of the policies does not render development un-viable to the extent that the delivery of the Plan is prejudiced. This study examined the viability of the strategic site allocations and a suite of typical development sites that are likely to come forward over the plan period.

To underpin the development of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for Stroud District, viability studies have been carried out to determine the level of CIL that could be delivered.