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Planning strategy

The Planning Strategy team prepares the Local Plan and planning guidance to shape the way in which Stroud District is developed in the future.

  • publicationspng The development plan for Stroud District

    The Development Plan for Stroud consists of a series of documents which are used to determine planning applications.

  • educationpng Stroud District Local Plan

    The Local Plan provides a positive planning policy framework for the District up until 2031.

  • heritage-museumpng How the Local Plan was prepared

    Information on how the current Local Plan emerged, from initial consultations on early drafts, through to examination and adoption.

  • publicationspng Local Development Scheme

    View the programme for future planning policy documents.

  • have-your-saypng Stroud District Local Plan review

    Stroud District Local Plan review.

  • have-your-saypng Planning strategy consultations

    View details about consultations on the Local Plan and other planning policy documents

  • housing-grouppng Neighbourhood planning

    Details about, and documents supporting, the creation and use of neighbourhood plans and other neighbourhood planning tools

  • bullet-listpng Supplementary guidance

    Supplementary guidance is used to assist decision making on planning applications. Our supplementary guidance includes advice on design, conservation areas, outdoor playspace provision, landscape assessment and affordable housing. Some documents are thematic, and some are site-specific.

  • policiespng Evidence base

    Supporting evidence for the Local Plan and other policy documents on a range of topics, including environment, housing, economy, employment, infrastructure, settlements' role and function, viability and land availability assessments.

  • listpng Monitoring

    Including the latest housing and employment land availability reports (HLA and ELA) and our five year housing land supply reports. The implementation of planning policies is also monitored on a continuous basis.

  • publicationspng Other policy documents

    View waste, minerals, transport and HRA policy documents relevant for Stroud District

  • council-tax-greypng Community Infrastructure Levy

    The Council has worked to bring in CIL to pay for future infrastructure.

  • boundary-maps-greypng Brownfield Land Register

    View the statutory register of previously developed land appropriate for residential development.

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