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Local Land Charges search fees and payment

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept requests for local authority searches in paper format. All requests should be submitted via email (including a copy of a Land Registry plan with the area of interest outlined in red) to


Description of fees  Cost               
VAT Total


Standard Search (LLC1 + CON29R)


£148.00   £24.60   £172.60


LLC1 Only


£25.00   n/a  



£123.00 £24.60 £147.60
CON29O Enquiries Questions 4-21 each £11.00         £2.20  £13.20
CON29O Enquiry 22 (Commons Registration) £22.00          £4.40   £26.40


The LLC1 is VAT free.

Our preferred method of payment is via BACS. When your search is accepted, our account details and the reference to quote with the payment will be provided.

We do not charge parcel fees.


Once your search request is accepted, you should notify us on the same day (or ideally beforehand) if you do not wish to proceed. When requests to cancel a search request are received after the date of acceptance, the full published fee for them will continue to be applicable.

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