A Heritage Strategy for Stroud District

A Strategy for the enjoyment and positive management of Stroud District's historic environment and heritage assets.


Adopted as Supplementary Planning Advice (SPA) on Thursday 8th February 2018

A proposed Strategy was considered by the Council's Environment Committee on 8th February and was adopted as Supplementary Planning Advice, to support the Local Plan. The Planning Strategy Team is now working to finalise the document for publication, but you can read the adopted strategy here: 

Environment Committee 8th February 2018  You can read the Committee report here. The proposed Heritage Strategy and a summary Consultation Report are Appendices A and B. 

Action Plan

The second part of the Strategy will be an Action Plan. The first Action Plan will consist of a programme of works, which relate to the Strategy's key priorities. The Action Plan will set out realistic objectives and actions for the next five years. There will be an annual progress report to Environment Committee and the Plan will be periodically refreshed with a rolling five year time frame.

The Action Plan is still in development, taking account of feedback we received about our consultation paper (see below) from key heritage and historic environment stakeholders, town and parish councils and interested individuals. We expect it to be considered by Environment Committee later this year.


Consultation on an emerging Heritage Strategy: 13th July - 15th September 2017 (consultation now closed).

This consultation sought views about whether the priorities and big issues identified within our consultation paper are the right things to focus on; what options exist for tackling them; any practical or financial implications; and whether there are other options or opportunities that have been missed.

Responses to this consultation will be used to help shape the final Heritage Strategy and a supporting Action Plan.

download the consultation documentA Heritage Strategy for Stroud District: Consultation Paper (July 2017)


What did we ask?

We welcomed comments about any aspect of the emerging strategy, its structure and content, as well as any issues, options and potential actions/projects.

Although there was no formal ‘questionnaire’ connected with this consultation, we did ask a series of questions throughout the consultation paper, to help focus feedback. These were based upon ten discussion topics:

  1. Vision
  2. The strategy's priorities
  3. Understanding: what have we got here?
  4. Understanding: the story of our place
  5. Capitalising on our heritage
  6. Positive management: our heritage "at risk"
  7. Positive management: our local distinctiveness
  8. Positive management: conservation areas
  9. Positive management: local heritage assets
  10. Action Plan

We won’t be publishing individual responses; but we did not accept anonymous responses and any of the comments we received may be summarised when we report the findings of the consultation.

email to email responses and queries to: local.plan@stroud.gov.uk
postal address

Heritage Strategy Consultation

The Planning Strategy Team

Stroud District Council

Ebley Mill

Stroud GL5 4UB

Further reading:

You can access lots of background information from this page, including links to some of the documents referred to in the consultation paper.

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