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Flooding and drainage

image Flooding on the Slad Road, 2007
Flooding on the Slad Road, 2007

For the latest information on flood alerts and advice in Gloucestershire, please visit or follow #floodglos on Twitter.

The district of Stroud is heavily influenced by the River Severn and other smaller watercourses.

Even if your home is not directly at risk from flooding, we can all be affected by the consequences of an unexpected event. Flash flooding usually arises as a result of heavy rain over a short space of time and has caused a great deal of disruption. Unlike river flooding, surface water flooding is much more difficult to predict. Your essential flood guide [354kb] contains useful information on flood risk, emergency guidance and post flood help.

If you have a river, stream, ditch or culvert running through or alongside your property, you are most likely considered a 'riparian owner'. You have responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the watercourse to ensure that it is not a flood risk to other people or property. The leaflet Waterside living in Gloucestershire [890kb] is available to help explain this further.

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