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Noise pollution

Excessive and unwanted noise is a consequence of modern life and it can cause annoyance and even ill health. If the noise is deemed to be a statutory nuisance, action can be taken and legally enforced to abate the problem.

If you are experiencing a noise problem you can complete our online form to provide the broad details of the problem, for example,

  • the nature of the problem, such as (loud music, banging, machinery, dog barking)
  • how often it occurs, the time of day and how long it goes on for 
  • the address that the noise is coming from
  • your own name, address and contact details


As a consequence of the topography of many parts of the Stroud District, the sport of motocross is very popular.

Motocross, though, is an inherently noisy sport and when events are held in proximity to dwellings, complaints are often received. As a consequence, some motocross circuits within the District are subject to control, one element of which is pre-notification of events to the Council. These notifications can be found by following the link below:

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