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Pest control

We offer a range of low cost pest control services for homes and businesses. Our expert team of technicians specialise in the control of rats, mice, wasps, fleas and other insects.


Book an appointment to get rid of pests

  • See all pests and charges
  • To make a booking please email us at or call us on 01453 754478 
  • It is important to include your name, address, postcode, telephone number and a brief description of the nature and location of the problem.
  • Covid-19: Do tell us if anyone at the address is vulnerable or has respiratory symptoms.


About our pest control services for your home

We are able to respond to most domestic pest emergencies discreetly. Our pest control officers are some of the most experienced in the industry.

We give priority to pests of public health significance and we do not currently deal with bats, squirrels, badgers, foxes, moles or birds. The team do not carryout pest proofing work or timber treatment but we can provide advice on how to keep your premises free of pests.

Bees are not a public health pest and should normally be left alone. If you are troubled by swarming honey bees we may be able to put you in touch with a local bee keeper. Stroud District Council does not treat for bees.

There is a charge for most of our work which is payable at the time of booking, so please have a credit or debit card to hand. However, if you are in receipt of an income related benefit you may be entitled to a discount, depending on the type of treatment. When you call to book an appointment please make sure you have full details of the eligible benefit you are claiming (including the benefit reference number and your national insurance number).

The full fee will be payable if you cancel a visit without giving 24 hours notice (or call by 10am if your appointment is on Monday) or fail to provide access to the property at the arranged time. A £36.75 call-out charge may be applied in the following circumstances:-

  • If a survey is required in order to provide a quotation for treatment (if you subsequently book a service, the call out fee will be deducted from the final bill)
  • If we are unable to carryout the treatment (e.g. if there is no safe means of access; no evidence of a pest problem or no secure place to leave poison bait)
  • Note: the call-out fee is not reduced for people on benefits.

For further information and charges:

Where rat or mouse infestations on domestic premises are due to the keeping of livestock e.g. poultry, our commercial rate will apply and no reductions for people on benefits are applicable.

If you have any other queries please send an email to If you would like someone to call you make sure you leave a contact telephone and times when you will be available.

Pest control services for your business

Our pest control team can offer a one-off treatment to deal with pest infestation problems quickly and effectively at competitive rates.

However, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we offer a free, no-obligation quotation for an annual contract tailored to meet your needs and the types of pests that are likely to visit your premises. Our pest control officers are able to give clients advice on how to keep their business pest-free and operating without interruption and, of course, within food hygiene and health and safety requirements.

Our portfolio of commercial clients includes factories, caterers, retailers, farms and schools.

Please email -

DIY treatment

Whilst we don’t normally recommend it, we recognise that some people will decide to treat pests using off-the-shelf pesticides and traps. If you do decide to treat an infestation yourself do take care. Remember: -

  • many pesticides are harmful to people, pets and wildlife
  • the laying of any poison bait in the open is illegal
  • there is growing evidence that amateur use of rodenticides can contribute to poison resistance, particularly in rats
  • read the label carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • make sure you remove and properly dispose of any left-over product
  • break-back traps don’t always kill cleanly, check them regularly to avoid captured animals suffering unnecessarily
  • apply-for-it-greypng Pest control charges

    How to arrange a pest control visit and our charges.

  • Important Information About Your Pest Control Treatment

    Pest control often involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful to people, pets and wildlife and strict procedures must be followed.

  • Asian Hornet

    The Asian Hornet is a non-native species which is occasionally seen in the UK. It is a highly aggressive predator of native insects and poses a significant threat to honey bees and other pollinators.

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