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Terms and conditions for garden waste collections

Please take time to read these terms and conditions as they form part of our agreement with you.

  • The garden waste collections are fortnightly and the license runs from the beginning of February to the end of November each year
  • No refunds will be issued
  • Your license will arrive in the post and for new subscriptions your bin will be delivered. Both will arrive within 10 working days.
  • The Council will provide one or more brown wheeled bin/s at a charge as required
  • The brown bins become the property of the resident. The Council will not replace the bin free of charge if it is lost or stolen; this will be the responsibility of the customer
  • Customers need to ensure their licence is attached to the top of the bin lid. Your bin will NOT be collected without a valid licence
  • The bin will need to be presented before 6 am on collection day, which may be a different day to other waste collections.  You will be advised of your collection day in your booking confirmation.
  • Only garden waste listed in the policy may be disposed of through this service
  • All garden waste must be contained within the bin/s provided by the Council. Any garden waste not contained in a Stroud District Council brown bin will not be collected. Please ensure the bin lid is completely shut when presenting your bin for the collectors
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse to collect overweight bins for health and safety reasons
  • Should your collection be missed due to contractor failure, then the Council will arrange its collection by the end of the working day following the date of receipt of the call
  • The Council reserves the right to suspend the collection of garden waste in cases of severe weather. On such an occasion the Council will make its best endeavours to collect the garden waste at the next earliest opportunity which may be your next scheduled collection day. The council will not reimburse customers in these instances

Cancellations and queries

If you have a query or decide that you no longer wish to subscribe to the service, please contact us. Please note no refunds will be issued.

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