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Garden waste collection FAQs

No. All applications will be charged at the full year's collection price no matter what time of year the subscription is made and there will be no refunds if you decide to withdraw from the service.

No. As garden waste is composted in the open air, contamination from kitchen waste can cause widespread distribution of bacteria.

No. Animal waste must not be put into the garden waste bin, for the reasons explained above. Instead, please double-bag dog and cat waste and put it in your residual waste bin.

No. Please do not put any type of bag or sack in the bin as this affects the composting process.

A small amount of soil attached to roots is not a problem, but large amounts of soil make the bin extremely heavy and difficult to empty and inhibits the composting process.

As you purchased the bin you will own it. You are responsible for retrieving the bin after collection and its storage thereafter, as we will not replace lost, stolen or damaged bins unless damaged by the contractor.

If you are staying within Stroud District please contact us to advise us of the change of address. The collection crew will be notified of the change.

We will not empty the bin if it is moved to another property unless you advise us that you have moved to a different address within the District.

If you are moving outside of the district you may wish to pass the service onto the new resident.

We will no longer post licences to subscribers. Collection staff will have live booking information stored on in-cab technology


Small bin stickers will be applied by operatives once collections begin in February.  These stickers aren’t mandatory and will be used as a visual aid for collection staff only, so do not worry if you have paid and your bin hasn’t been stickered, collections will still be made.


Yes, you can have as many bins as you like but please be aware that you will need to buy each bin and pay annually for each bin to be emptied.

You can:-

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