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Voter ID

Voter ID for elections from May 2023

From May 2023 Electors will be required to show an accepted form of photographic identification in order to receive their ballot paper(s) to cast their vote in a polling station at: 

  • UK Parliamentary general elections
  • Local elections in England
  • Local referendums in England
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales
  • Recall petitions

Acceptable forms of ID

You may already have an accepted form of photo ID such as a passport or a driving licence. These do not need to be in date but the photo must still be a good likeness of you.

A list of the accepted forms of photo ID can be found on the Electoral Commission(opens new window) website.

If you do not have ID

If you do not already have an accepted form of photo ID you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC). There is a deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate ahead of all elections. The deadline for the UK Parliamentary General Election on Thursday 4 July is Wednesday 26 June at 5pm.

An elector can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate in a number of ways:

If you would like us to post you an application or need any assistance please call us on 01453 766321.

My photo ID doesn't look like me anymore

If your photo ID no longer looks like you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) online on 

I vote by post

If you have a postal vote in place you do not need Voter ID.

I vote by proxy

If your proxy votes on your behalf at the polling station they will be asked to show their photo ID. Your proxy will not be asked to show any ID in your name.

Voter ID