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Living overseas

Information for British Citizens living overseas

From 16th January 2024 as part of the Elections Act 2022 the 15 year limit has been removed. If you are a British Citizen living overseas who has previously lived in the UK or been registered to vote in the UK, you can register to vote regardless of how long you have lived outside the UK.

Changes to overseas voting include:

  • British and eligible Irish citizens can register to vote in the UK no matter how long ago they left or were last registered to vote in the UK.
  • Overseas declarations are now valid for three years, lasting until 1 November in the third year after it takes effect (for example, if your declaration takes effect on 1 March 2024, it will expire on 1 November 2026.)
  • British and eligible Irish citizens living overseas can now register online (not available in Northern Ireland.)

To register as a British citizen living in another country

To register as Public servants or spouse or civil partner of a public servant posted overseas

Public servants are eligible to vote in all UK elections. Keeping your details up to date on the electoral register will mean we can contact you easily and ensure you can still vote.