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Changes to Data Protection
The Electoral Registration Officer is the Data Controller. You should refer to the Privacy Notice located here for more information relating to the processing of personal data.

Privacy notice for staff working for election purposes can be found here.

You must be included on the Electoral Register by law. If you are not on the register, you cannot vote. Being registered for Council Tax and/or benefits does not mean that you will automatically appear on the Register of Electors.

If you are not on the Electoral register you can now register to vote online:

 Register to vote (

To register you must be:

  • over 16 ( but you cannot vote in an election until you are 18)
  • a citizen of Britain, the Commonwealth, Irish Republic or European Union member state

Note: You will need to tell us if you move house and also renew your registration every year.

It usually takes about 5 minutes.

You may need the following, if you have them:

  • your National Insurance number
  • your passport if you’re a British citizen living abroad

Any questions in regards to registration, please email

Please visit to find out more information.

  • directory-greypng The electoral register

    The electoral register is a list of everyone who is registered to vote.

  • county-district-greypng Living overseas

    Information for British Citizens living overseas

  • apply-for-it-greypng Postal voting

    Apply for a postal vote if you can't get to your polling station on the day of an election.

  • apply-for-it-greypng Proxy voting

    Apply for a proxy vote if you can't get to your polling station on the day of an election.

  • apply-for-it-greypng Postal proxy voting

    Voting by postal proxy is where you nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf.

  • informationpng-1 Registration FAQ's

    Answers to frequently asked questions about registering to vote.

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