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2023 Parliamentary Boundary - Final Public Consultation

The Boundary Commission for England have published their final recommendations on the Parliamentary Constituencies. There has been no change from the Revised Proposals for the Stroud constituency and therefore, the Stroud district will now form part of three constituencies.


The Boundary Commission for England are an independent body that have reviewed the parliamentary constituencies. Ensuring each constituency has roughly the same number of electors by rebalancing the number of electors each MP represents. The Commission are required by law to ensure each constituency has between 69,724 and 77,062 electors, resulting in the number of constituencies to rise from 533 to 543 in England. 

They were tasked with redrawing the map of constituencies in England to represent local communities as best as possible, whilst keeping to the legal requirements outlined above. Reviewing constituency boundaries is an essential process to ensure individual votes are of broadly equal weight.

New 2023 parliamentary boundaries

Stroud Constituency (76,249) North Cotswolds Constituency (70,915) South Cotswolds Constituency (72,865)
Amberley & Woodchester Bisley Kingswood
Berkeley Vale Hardwicke  
Cainscross Minchinhampton  
Cam East Painswick and Upton  
Cam West    
Coaley & Uley    
Randwick, Whiteshill & Ruscombe    
Stroud Central    
Stroud Farmhill & Paganhill    
Stroud Slade    
Stroud Trinity    
Stroud Uplands    
Stroud Valley    
The Stanleys    

North Cotswolds constituency is formed of The Cotswolds, Tewkesbury and Stroud local authority areas.

South Cotswolds constituency is formed of The Cotswolds and Wiltshire local authority area and one ward from the Stroud district.

If you would like to view the report including the final recommendations please click here.

Please find the link to each map below:

Stroud Constituency 

North Cotswold Constituency 

South Cotswold Constituency 

Interactive Map – use the layers to add the existing constituencies and final recommendations.