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Petitions can be submitted to the Council by delivering them to the Ebley Mill offices, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB for the attention of the Legal Services Manager. Petitions cannot be submitted directly to Committee or Council meetings.

If the petition has less then 1100 signatures, it will be referred to the appropriate Strategic Head for an officer to provide a response to the lead petitioner.

If the petition has a minimum of 1100 signatures, the petition will be referred to the Chair of the appropriate committee and the Chair of Council who will consult relevant senior officers and jointly decide if an officer response is appropriate or if the matter should be placed on a committee or Council agenda for debate.

If the matter is thought to be an item for a Council debate, the decision will be made by the Chair of Council and the Leader of Council.

If the item is to be debated at a committee or Council meeting, the lead petitioner will be given 3 minutes to present the petition to the meeting and members can then debate the item for up to 15 minutes.