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5 Ways to wellbeing


Getting your 'five a day' for mental health and wellbeing

Don't you agree that there are some days when you 'feel good' and other days when you don't?

There are lots of free and meaningful things that we can all do everyday that will improve our mental health and wellbeing.

The five ways to wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), are a set of evidence-based actions which promote wellbeing. 


Try some of the below to connect with other people in the Stroud district:

  • Visit one of the Community Hubs in the district
  • Connect with others on a walk with Strolling in the Stroud district

Being Active

It is recommended by NHS England that adults aged 19 and over should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity, such as fast walking or cycling, a week.

There are different ways you can be active in the district, such as:

Taking Notice

Keep Learning


These are just a few ideas that we came up with. If you've got any other ideas, why don't you create your own 'five ways to wellbeing' where you live? Feel free to share it with us!