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FAQ's for Staff

This page is to respond to questions raised by staff at Stratford Park Leisure Centre and The Pulse in relation to Stroud District Council running both site from 1st November 2024.

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Any plans for investment on equipment?

Stroud District Council officers will be conducting a full inventory over the next 2 months (starting in October 2023) to ascertain how much additional equipment will be needed. We have started talks with fitness equipment providers.


Vision for the centre

The Vision and Priorities set out below are based on the short to medium term scope of the In house Leisure Provision (Click Here for more information).


Enabling communities to participate in a life-long wellbeing journey. Delivered through a locally focussed and high quality service that enhances quality of life for local residents.


  1. Deliver Wellbeing services and physical activity opportunities from our facilities that are inclusive, accessible and provide diverse opportunities for residents that improves their quality of life and reduces health inequalities.

  2. Ensure that the leisure centres are operated efficiently and contribute towards the Council’s 2030 Strategy priorities.

  3. To develop a successful and sustainable business that is locally-led and positively contributes to the local economy.


  • Quality – Ensure that the services and facilities we provide exceed expectation and deliver continuous improvement.

  • People – Customers, staff and residents are at the heart of what we do, we will treat people with honesty and respect and always act with integrity.

  • Enjoyment – The services we provide will be fun, safe and engaging for everyone.

  • Diversity – We will deliver a diverse range of activities and services that will be accessible to all from facilities that are fit for purpose.

  • Sustainability – We will operate in a flexible and adaptable way to ensure the sustainability and future success of the Leisure Service.


Pay Date

Everyone  is paid by BACS directly into their bank account on the 15th of each month.

Your monthly pay is calculated 2 weeks' in arrears and 2 weeks' in advance.


Annual Leave entitlement

The basic annual leave entitlement for employees is 22 days.

Officers who have five years’ cumulative service under one or more local authorities (as per the modification order) are entitled to 25 days’ annual leave.  Additional annual leave will be granted, pro-rata to service in the leave year in which five years’ service is achieved.

Booking Annual Leave

Annual leave must be booked through line managers. Individual arrangements may exist in terms of the amount of notice required, dependent on service delivery requirements.

 “Carry Over” Annual Leave

Subject to approval by a Head of Service, employees are allowed to "carry‑over" up to a maximum of five days' leave (pro rata for part time employees) from one leave year to the next. Please note that different arrangements may apply where an employee is unable to take their annual leave entitlement because of absence due to sickness or maternity.  Contact Human Resources for further advice.

Bank & Public Holidays

There are normally eight statutory Bank and Public Holidays:

  • New Year's Day

  • Good Friday and Easter Monday

  • May Day

  • Spring

  • Late Summer and

  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day

 In addition, there are two nationally agreed extra-statutory holidays and two locally agreed additional holidays to be taken so that the Council’s offices are closed during the Christmas/New Year period subject to such exceptions and emergency cover arrangements as are agreed as necessary. 

Employees will normally be advised of the dates of such holiday closures during the Spring of each year.

The award of two nationally-agreed extra-statutory holidays and two locally-agreed additional holidays will be formally reviewed on a regular basis.


Will the opening hours for the centre change?

This will be led by the new programme and is currently under review.


Booking System – will we continue on this system?

We are procuring a new management software system which will work across both sites. Both centres currently use Gladstone but different versions.


Arranging contractor visits, how do SDC operate this system, will it continue to be site expectations?

A list of approved suppliers is held by Property Services and site maintenance officer are expected to engage approved suppliers following consultation with the site general manager and leisure services manager.


How will staffing structure look at SPLC? 1 year after takeover

From 1st November 2023 we are able to request the staffing structure and information from SLM. Once we have this information we will work through a proposed structure. The structure will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Opening hours

  • Programme

  • Community projects

  • Health initiatives


Is there is a plan on how long the council want to run the facility?

Stroud District Council has a 20 year Strategy for Leisure and Wellbeing in Stroud District 2021 – 2040 (click here) which outlines our intentions as an authority of what we want to achieve in relation to Leisure & Wellbeing in our leisure centres, community facilities and open spaces.


Outdoor Pool – plans for the Lido?

We have commissioned a condition survey on the Lido which has been completed and we are awaiting the report which will outline the findings. We will be submitting an application to Sport England Swimming Pool Support Fund for around 1.5-2 million for investment in our pools which focus’s on reducing energy consumption and carbon output.


Vision – is it similar to how EA run it?

The vision for the new leisure services department is

“Enabling communities to participate in a life-long wellbeing journey. Delivered through a locally focussed and high quality service that enhances quality of life for local residents.”


DM’s – will they have to cross site working? Or just based at one site?

There will be an opportunity to work at both sites so that both teams can learn from each other, however sites will be retaining its core staff.


Brand Name?

We will be commissioning a branding company to work with us to develop the branding for the new Leisure Services department.


Are there plans to franchise the café out?

We are not planning on franchising the café


Will the suppliers change?

We will look at all options in terms of suppliers depending on the offer in the café


Café Open / close times?

This will be looked at as part of the programme


Retail? Anything in mind for suppliers?

The leisure services manager will be reviewing the retail offer with both centre managers.


Will there be jobs across sites - SPLC and The Pulse

Eventually there will be an opportunity for jobs which cross both sites


Will the centre be closed prior to opening ?

We are proposing to the Leisure oversight board a period of closure for staff training and rebranding.


What activities and things in place, that are different to what EA already offer?

We will be expanding the health, fitness and sports development programmes


What will be different for juniors etc (this is related to Junior Active)

We will be expanding the junior programme in sports, fitness and holiday activities.


Will HODs get an input on changes?

We would want Head of Departments to be involved in the set up.


What is the pay rate for fitness manager, group ex instructors / PT’s etc?

Leisure centre staff pay scales range from £21,029 - £40,478. Once we are given your job roles we will arrange consultations with you all to discuss your pay rate.


Positions – are there plans for one fitness manager across both sites etc

We are considering this in the future.


Group Ex Timetable – will they be similar, or freedom to design our own?

The fitness manager normally designs the group ex timetable in conjunction with the centre managers.


On going training – will it continue to be offered?

Training is part of our culture.


Gym Equipment – on inventory / any plans for gym equipment?

Currently in talks with a number of different fitness suppliers.


When will the Leisure Services Manager be in place?

We are currently recruiting for this position. We are looking for this post to be in place by January 2024.


Will the LSM have meetings with Head of Departments at SPLC?

The Leisure Services Manager (once appointed) will have meeting with staff but this would be around 3-4 months prior to SDC running Stratford Park Leisure Centre.


Individual roles / career prospects – when will those conversations be held?

The staff transfer is part of the TUPE process. We will be looking to conduct these talks 6 months before transfer.

If you want to talk to us before this date, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with Angela Gillingham, Head of Community Services on


Any plans for colleague / colleague family benefits / discounts / NHS discounts etc? Free Gym Membership?

SDC employees currently receive 20% discount off leisure memberships. This includes the employees at the Pulse.


Plans for second indoor tank?

 In the indicative capital investment programme, we added a second indoor pool tank to site specifically for learners.


Transitional stage will look like? Timeline? Integrate etc?

From 1st November 2023 we are able to request information from SLM in relation to your employment status.

Our HR team with work with SLM HR team on the TUPE transfer details and you will be sent invites to group and individual meetings. This is normally started 6 months prior to transfer.

We will continue to work with SLM management and agree a timeline for the integration which we can share with you once confirmed.


Uniform? What will it look like?

This will be included as part of the branding work


What can we expect from the Leisure Manager?

The Leisure Services Manager will be responsible for the facilities and the capital programme. Centre Managers will report directly to the Leisure Services Manager.

 The manager will be visible across both centres and will work actively with partners and colleagues to improve the performance at both centres.

 This person will set and define the standards of operation, budgets, monitoring, training and development, structure, pricing, procurement, and contracts.

 They will work closely with HR on the TUPE transfer and branding of the centre.

 Whilst we are recruiting the Head of Community Services will be taking on this work with a team from SDC.