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Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Case review

The ASB Case Review gives victims of persistent anti-social behaviour the right to request a multi-agency review of their situation, when a specific threshold is met.

ASB often cannot be defined by a particular type of incident or behaviour, but more on how it can affect a victim, or victims, and their daily life. Whatever form it takes, the behaviour will cause, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm, or distress to a person. However ASB experienced within a residential setting has a lower threshold of ‘nuisance and annoyance’.

Tackling ASB is the responsibility of multiple agencies, including the police and local authority who each lead on certain types of behaviours. However, whatever the situation it is best practice for all agencies to work collaboratively to solve the problem.

The aim of the ASB Case Review is to encourage a joined-up, problem-solving and victim-centred approach to the resolution of serious and persistent ASB problems. It enables agencies to review the situation and establish if there are any further actions that can be taken to bring a case to a satisfactory resolution.

The threshold to request a review is:

  • Three or more reported incidents of ASB, including hate incidents, to relevant agencies (i.e. the police/council/housing/health)
  • The incidents occurred on separate occasions, within a six month period
  • The ASB is an ongoing issue

The ASB Case Review Application Form is available as an online form on the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (OPCC) website. There is a link to the form below:

A printable form can also be found on the OPCC website. It should be posted to The ASB Case Review Coordinator, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, 1 Waterwells Drive, Waterwells, Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, GL2 2AN.

Alternatively, please email or call 01452 754601 for assistance (Available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm).

You can find out more on  Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review - Gloucestershire's Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (