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Meadow burials at Brimscombe Cemetery

The cemetery is set on a hillside with views across the valley to the opposite hillside. The area for Meadow Burials is set near the top of the site and consists of unimproved calcareous grassland home to many attractive wildflowers.


  • body or ashes for interment must be contained in a biodegradable coffin, shroud or casket


  • only single plots are issued
  • plots can be reserved
  • plots will be allocated by the Authority, however specific requests will be considered
  • the plot will be topped up after initial shrinkage following the interment
  • an optional memorial plaque set on a shared wooden post can be purchased additionally
  • no memorials or decorations are allowed on meadow plots

Green burial area

  • the meadow area will be cut once per year and cuttings removed to encourage the wildflower meadow


Applicants living outside the District

Any applications made in respect of persons not resident within the Stroud District area will be considered if there is a tenable link between the deceased and the District (although the Authority does not agree to automatically accept such applications) and costs determined at the discretion of the Council.

Please Note:

The Authority, or its Contractor, does not undertake to supply biodegradable shrouds/coffins or involve itself in the provision of personnel as pallbearers. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or Undertaker to make their own arrangements.

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