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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In 2022, Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

To mark The Queen’s historic 70-year reign, 2022 will see Platinum Jubilee celebrations being undertaken throughout the UK and the Commonwealth as part of a year-long programme of events.

There will be an extended bank holiday from 2nd to 5th June 2022, where it is hoped many will celebrate this unique milestone.

You can find out more about the planned celebrations on the Platinum Jubilee website and on for local events and news. 

The Queen's green canopy

The Queen's Green Canopy (QGC) is a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which invites people from across the United Kingdom to "Plant a Tree for the Jubilee".

Organising local celebrations and street parties

If you're planning to celebrate the Jubilee with your friends, family, and community, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make it as simple as possible for you to arrange. You will find lots of useful information and guidance on this page to help you.

Tell us about your event using our notification form

You can use this simple form to notify the Stroud District Council that you are having a Jubilee Community Party or Event.

Submitting the form is not compulsory but we invite you to complete it so that we have record of your planned event and, if relevant, we can give you advice and tell you whether you need to make any applications.

This notification form is not an application form and submitting it to us does not give you any permissions or authorisation from Stroud District Council for your event to take place. It is the event organisers responsibility to ensure the event is run safely and that all permissions, if needed, are in place.

Click this link for the online Queens Jubilee Event Notification Form

Choosing a location to hold a jubilee community party or event

Below are examples of the sort of locations you may choose for your community party or event.

  • A local park/field
  • A village hall/green
  • Your garden
  • Local sports field
  • In your local residential street

Permission of landowner

You will need to have the permission of the relevant landowner.

Local parks and some green open spaces will mostly be owned or managed by Stroud District Council, Gloucestershire County Council or the local Town or Parish Council. Some land such as Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons are owned by the National Trust.

Here are useful contact details

Advertising your event on Stroud District Council's website

You can advertise your event to the wider community on Stroud District Council's event webpage.  You can submit the details through our Submit Event webpage.

If you want your event to just be for local residents, we recommend that you do not request it to be promoted on the Council’s webpage, otherwise you may get more attendees that you have planned for.

The platinum jubilee emblem

The official Platinum Jubilee Emblem is available for use for all activities associated with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, including community and national events. It is free to download from the Royal website.

Temporary road closures (The deadline date for submitting a road closure for the Jubilee was 22nd April) 

If you are going to hold your event in the street you should have applied to temporarily close the road to ensure everyone’s safety.

Stroud District Council has agreed to waive the fee for road closures for Jubilee Community events where these criteria are met:

  • The event is being held during the four-day Queen's Platinum Jubilee bank holiday period 2nd –  5th June 2022
  • The event is no longer than a 1-day period
  • The event is a not-for-profit community party or event

Applications for road closures for events during the Queens Platinum Jubilee bank holiday (2nd -5th June 2022) should have been submitted no later than 22nd April 2022.  For applications already submitted we are consulting with the relevant agencies including the Police, Ambulance Service, Highways and your local Town/Parish and Ward Councillors. We normally require 6 weeks notice for a temporary road closure applications.

Here is the link to our road closure page where you can find the temporary road closure  guidance.


You will not need a licence if residents or community members are bringing their own alcohol to the event, or you are giving away alcohol for free.

However, if you plan to make a charge for alcohol or run a pay bar, you must apply to the Licensing Team at Stroud District Council for a permission called a temporary event notice.

Temporary event notices (TENs) cost £21 and you should give at least ten clear working days’ notice. A TEN can cover sale of alcohol and entertainment. Visit our temporary event notices page to find out more and links to apply online. 

Music or entertainment

If your community party or event is a private get together for residents, and the music is not advertised in advance to attract people, and you're not making money, then there is no need for a licence for your music or entertainment.

However, if all the following apply you are likely to need a permission from the Licensing Team at Stroud District Council:

  • your event is open to the general public; or it is private but you are charging a fee with the intention to make a profit and;
  • you are having music as a key part of the event and;
  • the music is amplified.

NB You can have unamplified live music anywhere without needing a licence between 08:00 and 23.00 any day.

If you need a permission this can be covered by a temporary event notice provided there are no more than 499 people attending the event. Temporary event notices (TENs) cost £21 and you should give at least ten clear working days’ notice. A TEN can cover sale of alcohol and entertainment.

Visit our temporary event notices page to find out more and links to apply online. 

More Information about when entertainment needs a licence can be found here.

Events with music or entertainment that have more than 499 attendees may need to apply to the Licensing Team for a premises licence. You would need to give at least two months’ notice to apply for a premises licence. For more information see our premises licence webpage 

Broadcasting BBC platinum jubilee celebrations 

The BBC is offering local communities a special one-off TV Licence dispensation so they can broadcast the Platinum Party at the Palace, a special live event that will bring together some of the world’s biggest entertainers on Saturday 4th June, will be broadcast live on the BBC.

The dispensation will allow community events to screen the live programmes throughout the Jubilee weekend without needing to purchase a licence for public viewing. 


You will not need a licence or registration to provide food at your party or event if the event is a small local community not for profit event where the food is being provided or brought along by the residents. You can get advice on providing food safely at a community event on the Food Standards Agency’s website, or, for bigger events, you can contact our food team for further advice 01453 754478

Trading stalls

If you are going to have stalls selling food or other items, you will not need street trading consent unless you are setting up the stalls on Highways land (i.e. the street, pavement or kerbside) or private land that the general public are being allowed access to without payment. 

If you need street trading consent you can apply to the Licensing Team for a Community Event Street Trading Permit. The fee will be waived for community events. You will need to give at least 14 days’ notice. Here are links  to guidance and to the application form.

Street Trading at events guidance

Short Term community and charitable event application form

There is more information our street trading webpage under short term events


You will not need any permission to run a tombola/raffle provided tickets are sold on the day of your event. Proceeds from the tombola/raffle must go to a good cause such as a charity or covering the cost of your party.  If tickets are sold in advance of the event, you will need a lottery registration from the Licensing Team.

For more information see our webpage for lottery registrations


If you want to fix bunting to any street lighting you must get permission from the street lighting team at Gloucestershire County Council. They will only accept requests for lightweight bunting, which is not strengthened or supported by a catenary wire. It can only be fixed to street lights that are 'clean'. 'Clean' means where the column supporting the street light has no other existing attachments or signs etc. The bunting can only stay up for the purpose of the jubilee event and must be taken down by the event organisers immediately afterwards. To make a request, email the street lighting team on and include details of the location for the bunting, how it will be affixed to the street light columns and confirm that you have undertaken a survey and the columns to be used are 'clean'. Please note that if you do not get permission first your bunting may be removed and you may be charged a cost.

Health and safety

You will not need to undertake a formal risk assessment for a street party or community event but it is good practice to ensure that, when planning your event, you think about risks and have a record how you plan to control them. The Health and Safety Executive  web site has some useful information and example templates you can use.

See here for a fact sheet with more links to health and safety advice at Jubilee Events

Public liability insurance

There is no law that says you must buy insurance for a voluntary or community event but you might want to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong and someone makes a claim against you. 

It is recommended that you take out adequate Public Liability Insurance (PLI) if you decide to put on an activity that could cause harm to someone such as operating a barbeque or hiring in devices such as a bouncy castle or children's amusement rides


Beacons will be lit across the UK on 2nd June 2022 at 21.45. You may wish to check with your local Town or Parish Council to see if they are already organising one in your area. 

For details of how to register to light a Jubilee Beacon in your area, please visit The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons Webpage. On this webpage you will find guidance and safety information about lighting beacons.

There is also information about Beacons on the Gloucestershire Lieutenancy's web page . Here is a letter to Councils from the Pageantmaster


Fireworks can cause great distress to pets and animals in the area. We discourage the use of fireworks especially those that have loud bangs or are very noisy.
See here for advice on letting off fireworks


Is your event likely to create lots of noise such as loud music? It's courteous to let neighbours and businesses in the area know what your plans are in advance of the event. Leave a phone number with them so they can call you if they have any questions or concerns. Also, be aware that between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00 people should be able to sleep without disturbance and any excessive noise during those hours is likely to be considered unreasonable. See here for further advice.

Sky lanterns

Sky lanterns can cause serious injury to animals so we discourage their use. See here for  advice in respect of sky lanterns.

Waste disposal

We recommend that you have some bins in place at your event to keep the area tidy. Also, ask people to help clean up after and have bin bags available. The organiser will ultimately be responsible for clearing all litter, waste and equipment from the street or outdoor area at the end of the event.

Waste from community events, organised by residents and attended by residents, can be treated as household waste. Please take the waste home, recycle where possible and it will be collected on the normal waste collection day.

If you are having a larger event which is open to the general public, and/or you are having commercial traders, you will need to arrange a commercial waste collection or the traders will need to dispose of waste through their normal commercial waste arrangements.

Useful contact details

Licensing Team 01453 754440

Food and Health and Safety Team 01453 754478

Environmental Protection Team (Noise and Nuisance)

Road Closures Team   01453 766321

More advice

For lots more information see the Government’s web page on organising street parties 

For advice and ideas for running a street party see

For more ideas on how to run a street party see the Eden project communities web page on the big jubilee lunch

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