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12. I think that the quality of grass cut is poor. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons that can impact on the quality of cut but

unfortunately we are unable to send our staff back to remedy these situations.

Uneven ground levels or slopes may cause scalping. These are not

Intentional and the grass will regenerate.

You may see tufts or ridges of longer grass left after cutting. This is due to

the wheels of the machine pushing the long grass flat as they pass over.

Once pushed flat, the grass may be missed by the blades. Unfortunately

this cannot be prevented when dealing with long grass caused by the

specified frequency of cut i.e. every 4 weeks.

Several times during the mowing season, grass will often produce flower /

seed heads which are not easily cut with our cylinder mowers. To address

this problem we have a number of rotary mowers which we use across all

the rounds over a number of cycles.

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