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Learn to Crochet with Claire Biggs

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet! This traditional craft ties you in to generations of craftspeople and it’s intriguing, creative and also relaxing and meditative - all while you make something useful (for yourself or for gifts).

In this beginners’ introduction to crochet, you'll learn how to crochet a chain and to work Double and Treble crochet stitches, and will make some squares to practise (including the famous “granny square”). You can make more squares the same at home to make a scarf, cushion cover, bag or similar... Plus, you’ll learn:

how to join your squares together
how to count rows and stitches
simple crochet terminology
basics of reading written and charted crochet patterns

Time: 10:00

Cost: £65

Where: Kingshill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, Glos,
Postcode: GL11 4BZ

Learn to Crochet with Claire Biggs website

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