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Cyanotype with Abi Nicol

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cyanotype or sun print is an alternative photographic process that harks back to the beginning of photography. As the name suggests you will create delicate blue images using sunlight.

Students are asked to bring their own photographs, found images, drawings or small objects such as leaves, feathers etc. Using a photocopier we will copy these images/objects onto acetate to a negative.

Back in the pop-up darkroom we will mix raw chemicals and learn how to make our own photographic paper. After painting the light-sensitive emulsion onto thick artist paper we will use our acetate negatives to create a contact printed photograph.

In today’s digital world this is a wonderful process in which to create one-off, personal and painterly blue images.

This is a hands-on, exciting workshop suitable for both beginners and more experienced artists and photographers
Cyanotype with Abi Nicol image

Time: 10:00

Cost: £68

Where: Kingshill House, Kingshill Lane Dursley
Postcode: GL11 4BZ

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