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What's on listing for festivals and events

Simply fill out the form below and then it'll checked by us before it's added to the website.

We can only publicise events which are in the Stroud area
If we don't think your event is relevant to our visitors, we will not be able to publicise it
Events with grammatical and spelling errors will not be publicised

Please enter a short description of the event
Images should not exceed 1MB and be in JPG or PNG formats only. Please only use images without text. Due to accessibility regulations, we are unable to publish images containing text.
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
Please enter in 24hr format
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This will not be displayed on the website

Personal data is processed in accordance with the Council’s Privacy Notice. Please see Sections 1 to 10 and section 11 for details.

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