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Subrooms review

Information on the Subscription Rooms review and 'expressions of interest' process.

In January, Stroud district councillors approved a list of options to be explored for the 183 year-old building, which last year saw funding costs rise to £415,000.

On 18th February, an open day was held at the Subrooms to share information on the consultation so far, the review process, and how organisations can make expressions of interest to take on the venue.

Here you can find information from that event, and on the review process.

Expressions of interest:

As part of the review of the Subscription Rooms, the council has now received nine expressions of interest. As the land owner and as part of the transparency of the process, the Council has chosen to publish the list:

  • Cheltenham Trust
  • Ecotricity
  • George Square Rooms
  • MultiMedia Outsourcing UK
  • Stroud Community CoOp
  • Stroud Town Council
  • Subs Community Association
  • SVA

There is no obligation for any of the above to put in a bid, and additional organisations may come forward before the 15/9/17 deadline to bid.

The Subscription Rooms is registered as an Asset of Community Value (AVC), the process leading to the expressions of interest can be viewed here.

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